The Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea Update 06/2023

In the past there was only one pillow for sleep apnea and that was a normal pillow with a small headrest. This is an old fashioned, rough, hard and uncomfortable pillow which causes extra pressure on the neck.

The better sleep apnea sufferers have been on the search for a pillow for sleep apnea for many years. The reason for this is simple; modern day air beds use far softer foam in the construction of the mattress and the design of the pillow.

A new pillow for sleep apnea would need to be more comfortable than the air mattress and could not use soft material. With the use of a new pillow for sleep apnea you will be able to get a good night’s sleep without suffering the effects of a sleepless night from sleep apnea.

You may be wondering what type of pillow for sleep apnea is best. If you are like most people, you would choose either a standard or custom fitted pillow.

In recent years I have used a natural pillow for sleep apnea. These are non-latex pillows that fit better and are a lot more comfortable than conventional latex pillows.

Another option for a pillow for sleep apnea is a great memory foam pillow, which is like an all in one pillow. This pillow works perfectly as a pillow and also provides support.

Now the only problem with the memory foam pillow is that it does not provide any form of support. You need a great support pillow to alleviate any discomfort.

Most people who suffer from sleep apnea already have stiff necks. The two issues together cause discomfort and the problems are compounded by the typical small headrest which causes a very compressed neck.

The key to finding the best pillow for sleep apnea is to look for pillows that is shaped like a cup. The best pillows for sleep apnea are those that are shaped like a classic tennis ball, golf ball or even a shoe box.

You may also want to choose a pillow that resembles a perfect back support pillow. The back support pillows work by providing pressure relief for those who suffer from back pains due to sleep apnea.

Not only will these pillows for sleep apnea help to relieve neck discomfort and provide support for the upper back, but they also help to alleviate the pain in the lower back area. There are multiple pillows for sleep apnea that offer increased comfort and support.

Whatever you decide to use to treat your sleep apnea, ensure that the pillow you choose fits your individual needs. Your needs will determine the type of pillow for sleep apnea that will work best for you.